Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Plate, Flora Danica "Pinguicula vulgaris L " Danish 20th Century

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Hand-painted, hand-formed and only made to order; therefore, each piece is unique. Flora Danica is the only service produced in the golden age of porcelain that is still fabricated today.

The original Flora Danica is a comprehensive botany work produced in the years 1761-1863, and covering the then extensive crown lands of the Danish King.

In 1790, Danish Crown Prince Frederik ordered a dinner set fabricated and decorated with exact copies of the plates of the Flora Danica. The dinner set was intended as a gift for Russian Empress Catherine II, who never received it, as she died in 1796.

The dinner set is still in use for state occasions in Copenhagen's Christiansborg Palace.

Pinguicula vulgaris, the common butterwort, a perennial carnivorous plant in the bladderwort family Lentibulariaceae. The butterwort has a generally circumboreal distribution, and being native  to environments with cold winters, butterworts produce a winter-resting bud (hibernaculum). Native crafters use butterwort leaves  to curdle milk and form a buttermilk-like filmjolk (Sweden) and tjukkmjølk (Norway).

Pattern 20/ 3550 Measures 9" in diameter.

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