Important Rococo Revival Style Charters, Cann & Dunn Coin Silver Tea Set, American 1848-1851

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Retailed by Ball, Tompkins and Black. A coin silver three piece tea set with the handles in a finely realistic branch or limb form with a leaf and flower motif and bone heat insulators. The finials are in the form of a solitary flower bud upon a sprig of leaves, while the bodies are intricately chased in a spiraling floral and leaf sprayall supported upon four legs of stylized lobate bows centered on an oyster shell with pearl protruding above.

Each piece has two monogram panels, one of which has been engraved, the other remaining free.

A comparable set is held by the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and was a gift by descent from the family of John Amory Codman and Martha Pickman Rogers. The cataloging states that there is only one other known set, in the same style, with the stamp of C.C. & D.

The set also resembles a C.C. & D teapot in the American Wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, Gallery 774); the teapot in question being a gift by descent from the family of John Taylor Johnston (a founder of the Metropolitan).

The tea pot measuring 7 3/4" in height x 9 1/2" in width at the handle, the creamer 6 3/4" in height x 5 3/4" in width at the handle and the double handled sugar bowl 6" in height x 8" at the handles.

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